About Us

Our vision

Star Technology will remain the trusted name of customers and success partners through the variety of products and services we produce for a better world.

Our message

Africa is changing around us, and to ensure the development and prosperity of the business process in the coming years, we must look ahead, and have a wide knowledge of market tendencies “Trends” and the power that will shape our business in the future, with fast movements to prepare for what comes. We seek to create a long-term destination for our business, and to draw a plan through which we continue the success of our operations alongside our partners in our mother continent Africa, that is our comprehensive vision for 2021. In the same context, our research and development team work continuously to monitor the latest technology and define what consumers expect from us, allow us keep up with time, and have large steps into the future.


Develop a network of customers and suppliers, in order to achieve mutual benefit and shared sustainable value.


Increasing long-term revenues for our partners, considerate responsibilities we have at the same time.


To maintain our position as a highly efficient company and able to respond to changes as fast as possible.